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Introducing: Production Testing for Data Holders

The Frollo Data Holder testing platform now runs automated test scenarios in production.

Every developer knows that what runs smoothly in a staging environment, may stumble in production. It’s a frustrating reality, especially when it comes to Data Holder technology.

Until now, comprehensive production testing for Data Holders has been difficult to achieve due to data security standards, leaving many scrambling for solutions. For example, many banks use the Frollo money management app for testing in production, while others use services that enable them to call their own APIs.

However, none of these options provide the comprehensive, automated execution of production test scenarios that developers truly need.

The lack of proper production testing wastes valuable time for Data Holders and can lead to painstaking investigations after updates are released, and customers complain about issues. Ultimately, this results in a subpar customer experience.

It’s no wonder, then, that production testing is the most requested feature on our Data Holder testing platform.

Data Holder testing platform features illustration

Introducing: Production Testing

Our goal is simple: To help you save valuable time and prevent those post-release headaches.

So today, we’re launching Production Testing on our Data Holder testing platform: A way to seamlessly run test scenarios directly within your production environment, helping you catch and resolve issues right away, saving time and ensuring a better experience for your customers.

How does it work? It’s refreshingly straightforward:

  1. Select from our range of test scenarios.
  2. Execute them effortlessly with a single click.
  3. Receive the test results and detailed evidence directly in our user-friendly portal.

The Frollo Data Holder testing platform is already equipped with a comprehensive suite of 300+ automated test scenarios, including negative test cases. By adding Production Testing capability to our toolset, we’re building the only tool you need for all your Data Holder testing.

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