A successful switch – Frollo helps ING migrate to new Data Holder platform

We recently supported ING with their cutover to a new CDR Data Holder platform. In this article, we share a bit more about how we worked together. 

Although Frollo is primarily a technology provider, we also help banks test their Open Banking technology. Some use our Data Holder testing platform, many use the Frollo app for Production Verification Testing (PVT).

On 21st  February 2023, ING switched CDR Data Holder platforms, providing customers with new features like joint account data sharing. An unintentional consequence of the transition to a new platform means existing CDR data-sharing consents no longer work; so customers have to re-consent with their Data Recipient.

As many ING customers also use the Frollo app, we worked together on managing consent revocation and customer communication for a smoother transition. The joint communication plan covered emails, push notifications, and in-app messages over a three-week period to inform customers about the switch and the re-consent process.

As part of this transition, ING’s team used the Frollo Money Management app for Production Verification Testing, with Frollo’s experienced Open Banking engineers providing development support.

Key results

  • The project was completed on time, and production issues were quickly triaged and resolved.
  • Only a few customer support tickets were lodged, thanks to clear and helpful communication in the lead-up to the change.
  • A significant number of customers re-consented within the first week after the switch.

“The team at Frollo supported us with the transition and customer communications. Working closely with their engineers during our cut-over has helped us ensure we were up and running in no time.”

Susan Mason, Digital Chapter Lead, ING.

Frollo CEO, Tony Thrassis, added: “It’s great to see the value our Frollo app delivers for Data Holders, helping them perform Production Verification Testing and finding issues they didn’t see in UAT. It’s an integral part of our Data Holder testing platform, a self-serve automated testing toolset which excitingly, has been getting more and more interest from Data Holders.”

Learn more about our Data Holder testing platform here.

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