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How Greener uses Open Banking
Greener app - Fight climate change, every time you shop

What does Greener do?

Greener is a purpose-led Australian B-Corp that connects people and businesses committed to making better choices for the planet. They’re building a new Green Economy where every dollar spent is carbon-neutral, to help end climate change.

Many people don’t know that everything we buy has a hidden price tag, and that price tag is carbon, the number one contributor to climate change.

Whilst the current climate change conversation tends to be very negative, the good news is that we can help stop climate change without giving up all the things we love.

Greener’s vision is simply to: help people end climate change with every dollar they spend.

The Greener app makes it easy for consumers to reduce their impact every time they spend by connecting them with businesses that are better for the planet and carbon offsetting the emissions of every purchase. And the best bit for consumers, it does all of this at no extra cost. 

The breadth of businesses in the Green Economy is what’s really exciting about the journey we are on, allowing people to help end climate change every time they shop – whether it be their morning coffee & weekly groceries to larger purchases like new furniture and holidays.

SOB23 - Greener app - Open Banking

How does Greener use Open Banking?

A key element of Greener’s business model is to educate people and businesses and highlight the impact of consumerism on climate change.

Greener uses Open Banking data to track and measure the carbon emissions of every dollar spent and then report this to its users. They help them understand their carbon emissions and guide them to make informed decisions to reduce the overall climate impact.

Open banking also allows Greener to securely pass back aggregated data to businesses, providing them with insights that will help them build customer loyalty and attract even more climate-conscious customers.

What are the key benefits of Open Banking for Greener users?

Greener is all about making climate action easy for businesses and consumers; to do this, trust and transparency are extremely important.

According to Greener, solving the climate problem is not about a handful of people doing zero emissions perfectly; it’s about all of us doing it imperfectly.

To effect real change, many people in the Green Economy need to vote with their wallets and choose to spend with businesses doing better for the planet and making every purchase carbon-neutral.

The team at Greener knows that people love seeing their carbon footprint and how they can make a difference with every purchase. Still, people are not going to share their transaction information without being able to trust that we handle their data securely.

That’s where open banking comes in.

Open banking makes it easy for Greener customers to sign-up and connect their bank accounts. There’s no clunky sign-up process, and users aren’t asked to share their bank passwords.

Once they have securely connected their bank, Greener’s customers can open the app and easily see their carbon footprint at any time and feel good about their progress. There’s no need for them to manually share information about where they’re shopping on an ongoing basis.

Removing this friction for Greener shoppers is another crucial benefit of using open banking. It ensures that users continue to find value in being Greener customers and make choices that help reduce their carbon footprint.

Greener automatically offsets the carbon emissions to make every dollar carbon-neutral at no extra cost to the customer. But, even more importantly, they’re able to provide relevant and timely recommendations to help our customers make better choices and reduce their emissions before they emit them.

The ability to analyse shopping behaviours means they’re constantly optimising and providing hyper-personalised recommendations for better shopping.

This case study is part of ‘The State of Open Banking 2023′, an industry report by Open Banking provider Frollo. The report provides a pulse check of the Australian Open Banking industry and an overview of exciting new use cases – some of which are Frollo clients, some of which aren’t. Greener is not a Frollo client.

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