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By design, mutual banks are customer-first and customer-led businesses. The Consumer Data Right (CDR) and Open Data, with customers at its centre, represent a significant opportunity for the customer-owned banking industry. It enables mutuals to deliver more personalised and competitive products, and better financial outcomes for their customers.

We believe Open Data has an important role to play in helping mutual banks meet customer expectations around seamless, personalised digital experiences and innovative products – and, therefore, in building the Australian mutual bank of the future.

Frollo has been working with customer-owned banks since before the launch of the CDR in 2020. As a purpose-driven fintech and leading Open Banking intermediary, we are committed to helping mutuals continue to make a positive impact on the industry.

We hope this content series will continue to assist mutual banks grow, as an essential customer-focused part of the banking sector.

I believe that with where Open Banking is up to now, that you can start building the bank of the future centered around data and customer experience

Tony Thrassis, CEO, Frollo
Unlocking the digital banking experience - Open Banking as a competitive advantage for mutual banks

Unlocking the Digital Banking Experience

As the financial landscape continues to evolve, Australians are increasingly seeking banks that offer Open Banking powered features. Our recent consumer survey reveals that Open Banking offers unique opportunities.

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Financial Passport customer journey demo

The Financial Passport Customer Journey

Streamline your lending decisions with Open Banking data and AI. Frollo Financial passport offers a real time, accurate full financial picture to help make better lending decisions, reduce risk and improve the time to yes.

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Interview – Simon Docherty, Frollo

Simon Docherty is Frollo’s Chief Customer Officer and has worked with many mutuals to help make their Open Banking strategies a reality.
We sat down with Simon to discuss the current challenges and opportunities for mutuals within Open Banking and how they can use Open Banking to deliver better customer outcomes.

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Interview with Phil Quin-Conroy - AMP Advice

Interview – Phil Quin-Conroy, AMP Advice

AMP Advice launched a Money Management ecosystem to give financial advisers, mortgage brokers, and their clients access to Open Banking technology. Phil Quin-Conroy discusses how they built their business case, where they see the value and ROI of this initiative, and advice for others about to embark on their own Open Banking data-driven solution.

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Interview – Chris Malcolm, P&N Group

P&N Bank and BCU Bank were among the first Australian customer-owned banks to launch an Open Banking use case.
We chatted with Chris about launching not one, but two, Open Banking powered personal finance management apps in 6 months, and his advice for other mutual banks on harnessing Open Data.

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Interview – Tony Thrassis, Frollo

Our CEO, Tony Thrassis, has been on the frontline of CDR, Open Banking and improving the ecosystem since its inception.
We spoke with Tony about what it takes for mutual banks to succeed with Open Banking and what the future of the consumer Data Right means for the customer-owned banking industry.

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Interview with Wayne Matters - Beyond Bank

Video – Wayne Matters, Beyond Bank

We hosted a twilight panel discussion on ‘Open Banking at the Coalface’ in late 2022, and were joined by Beyond Banks’ Deputy CEO, Wayne Matters. He spoke candidly about the streamlined ADR process, how they are delivering value to their customers, and some unexpected outcomes from their money management app.

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Case studies

Mymo by P&N Bank and BCU Bank

Learn how we partnered with P&N Bank and BCU Bank to deliver mymo by P&N Bank and mymo by BCU Bank – a Personal Financial Empowerment app that gives customers greater control and oversight over their financial health, and a more holistic and enriching digital experience. 

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Beyond Bank+

Beyond Bank was looking for a way to provide customers with a complete view of their finances and the tools to improve their financial wellbeing.
Learn how Frollo’s PFM platform enabled Beyond Bank to launch a white label financial wellbeing app alongside its main banking app.

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Finsure, Australia’s leading mortgage broker aggregator, partnered with Frollo and NextGen to provide its brokers access to the Open Banking powered Financial Passport.
Learn how this allows them to deliver a marketing-leading service to their customers.

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Webinar series

Webinar 1
18 July, 12pm – 1pm

Mutual banks put their customers at the heart of everything they do.
So how can they continue to meet the needs of their customers and compete in the current challenging environment whilst future-proofing their growth? Embracing the digital customer journey is the answer.

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Webinar 2
26 July, 12pm – 1pm

Customer-centric technology such as money management tools that solve key financial pain points and improve visibility and financial wellbeing, are integral in increasing customer engagement and retention. These customer offerings are now an expectation not a

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Webinar 3
3 August, 12pm – 1pm

Utilising Open Data to streamline the lending process, reduce decision time, and improve product personalisation for customers are just some of the benefits of Lending as an Open Banking use case. Some mutuals are ahead of their peers, and others are slow to address these opportunities.

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The state of open banking 2023

Open Data in Action

Simon Bednar finsure

Assisting Brokers to Make the Right Decisions

Interview with Simon Bednar, Finsure.

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Greener app - Fight climate change, every time you shop

Fight Climate Change, Every Time you Shop

How Greener uses Open Banking.

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